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Fatoumatta Sandeng is our charismatic and energic founder and CEO. She spearheads the overall running of the foundation, directing policy and programs.
Upon the arrest and subsequent death in custody of her father (Ebrima Solo Sandeng) in April 2016, Ms.Sandeng became an activist herself, advocating for justice and ensuring that his killers amongst others were identified and brought to justice.

Fatoumata Sandeng
Mrs. Fatoumatta Sandeng -  Founder & C.E.O

Eventually, she became a renowned voice of Justice for crimes of Human Rights Violation under the former dictatorship in The Gambia. Until recently, she was the spokesperson of the Jammeh 2 Justice Campaign, a group of human rights defenders working to bring ex. president Yahya Jammeh and other perpetrators to justice.
She founded the Solo Sandeng Foundation in April 2017. Fatoumatta is currently pursuing a BA in Islamic Studies at Mishkah University.

Muhammed Sandeng-  Executive Secretary

is the head of administration staff responsible for the daily running of SSF, a political science fellow at the University of the Gambia and horning talent in transitional justice. Since the advent of the Gambia`s transitional justice process Muhammed has amassed himself in the TJ process and gained significant knowledge in Reparation, social cohesion and Memorialization. He is the curator of our recent exhibition of torture victims that highlights experiences of civil rights activists, politicians and others during the 22 year dictatorial regime.

Mohammed Sandeng
Muhammed Sandeng


Awa Sey (Tukulorr) - Public Relations Officer

is the public relation officer PRO, responsible for communicating the message of SSF to the public.

Tukulor Sey
Awa Sey (Tukulor) 



Musa Bala Darboe - Audior

 is the Auditor at SSF. He is responsible for internal examination and evaluation of the financial records and transactions of the Foundation, also subject to external audits of its books periodically.

Musa Balla Darboe
Musa Balla Darboe 


Iesha-Aminata Camara - Head of Media and Communications

Iesha oversees the primary social media outlets and designs graphics for the foundation. Others of her responsibilities include design of our communication strategy. She is responsible for events and all social media engagements and posts.

Iesha- Aminata Camara 


Aminata Sandeng - Admin and finance officer 

Is a revenue and tax specialist, manages the financial affairs of the foundation. She is responsible for payments in and and out of the foundation accounts and deputizing the executive secretary in administrative running of the foundation.

Amina Ceesay
Mrs. Aminata Sandeng (Admin and Finance officer)



                 Program Associates 


Jainaba Sandeng takes an active part in implementation of our projects. she recently graduated with a degree in Development studies from University of the Gambia, a member of our projects implementation committee. She serves as the project coordinating assistant documenting and taking a leading role in implementing of projects.


Jainaba Sandeng  (Project coordinating Assistant)


Fatoumatta Sanneh is a final year student at the University of The Gambia majoring in Development Studies, she is a member of our projects implementation committee where she volunteers in implementation of projects, the foundation offers an opportunity to young people like Fatoumatta to learn about human rights and be creative while horning skills and helping the foundation execute its mandate.

Fatoumatta Sanneh (Volunteer)

Sheriffo Jobarteh

Is a volunteer with us, also in his final year of studies at the International Open University in law. As a Volunteer, he attends meetings & conferences on behalf of the organization on legal matters and prepare reports of such activities. Sheriffo is a human rights enthusiast who has a passion for the work that the foundation does.

Sheriffo Jobarteh
Sheriffo Jobarteh (Volunteer)